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Perth, Western Australia. Cityscape image of Perth downtown skyline, Australia duri

Perth Travel Guide: Western Australia’s Beloved City

December 19, 2022

When it comes to Western Australia, the largest of the country’s five states, one thing is certain: there is no shortage of places to explore. At the top of our list is Perth, the State’s laid-back city in the southwestern corner of the region. 

Perth, Australia, is one of the most isolated capital cities in the entire world, with the closest nearby city, Adalaide, an entire three-hour plane ride away. But what Perth may lack in neighboring cities, it certainly makes up for in its ever-present sunshine, gorgeous beaches, and infectious, colorful energy. Brimming with culture and stunning nature, Perth is full of unique attractions that will make your visit worthwhile. 

The Most Popular Must-Sees

If you’re looking through the multitude of online Perth Travel Guides, there are a few spots and activities that you’ll probably see across the board. While many of these tourist attractions are very popular, that doesn’t mean they’re all tourist traps! There’s something to be said about places with universal affection, so we thought we’d highlight our must-see Perth destinations that aren’t so off-the-beaten-path. 

Federation Walkway at Kings park and botanic garden in Perth, Australia

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

One of the largest inner-city parks in the world, Kings Park and Botanic Garden is a safe haven for over 3,000 species of the State’s unique flora. Beyond its stunning views of the Swan and Canning Rivers and Darling Ranges, Kings Park boasts a wide array of activities from the State War Memorial, to the native Aboriginal-curated Boodja Gnarning Walk, to movies and concerts al fresco during the summer months. Whether young or old, adventurous or laid-back, Kings Park is the perfect place for all types of travelers. 

Perth Australia November 5th 2019: Overhead view of the pedestrian footbridge at Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Wester Australia

Elizabeth Quay

This waterfront pedestrian precinct on the banks of the Swan River is a hotspot for nightlife, food, romance, and kid-friendly activities. You could easily spend an entire day in this bustling city center:

No matter the time of year, visiting Elizabeth Quay will give you a perfect slice of the Perth lifestyle.

Rottnest Island

Known as the home to the adorable quokka, Rottnest Island is just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from Perth. Lined with stunning, white sand beaches for snorkeling, surfing, or lounging, Rottnest Island (or “Rotto,” as locals call it) is the adventure lover’s dream. Whether you want to hike the beautiful trails, bike around the island, or kayak through the baby blue waters, Rottnest has got it all. Plus, no visit is complete without the quintessential “quokka selfie”! If you’re looking for an adventure-packed excursion covering all these bases, look no further than our Western Australia’s Wine, Whales & Quokkas trip. 

Venturing Off the Beaten Path

When planning a dream excursion, we always want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your visit. For us, that does include hitting some worthwhile tourist hotspots, but it also means digging deeper to find the most adventure-packed, unique experiences that may not be on every travel guide. Perth, in particular, is full of one-of-a-kind gems that you might not think to visit at first glance. Below are some of our favorites.

An image of the entrance to the prison at Fremantle Perth Western Australia

Fremantle Prison

Built by convicts in the 1850s, Fremantle Prison is a truly unique destination well worth visiting. While the various daytime tours through the forbidding walls are incredibly captivating, the Torchlight Tour is great fun for anyone who wants a good spook. The Tunnels Tour is an exceptionally neat experience where you can explore the tunnels below the surface and do an underground boat ride. 

His Majesty’s Theatre

This gorgeous Edwardian Baroque theatre is an architectural dream, beautifully restored and featuring mosaics, marble, a domed ceiling, and a stunning proscenium arch. His Majesty’s Theatre is home to the West Australian Ballet and West Australian Opera, both of which perform regularly. Whether you catch a show or marvel at its beauty, His Majesty’s Theatre will not disappoint.

Variety of fresh peaches, grapes, watermelon, avocado and dragon fruits at the Fremantle market in Australia.

Fremantle Markets

For a truly local experience, head to the Fremantle Markets every Friday-Sunday. Established in 1897, the Fremantle Markets offer an authentic look at the vibrant culture in Perth as you move through the crowds of traders and buskers. Upcoming artists and designers frequent the stalls, and the food court features delectable street foods from across the globe.

There is so much to see and do in Perth and West Australia. It can feel overwhelming to decide which adventures to choose for your unique trip. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for help planning your perfect itinerary.

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