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Navigating Travel During Uncertain Times

Navigating Travel During Uncertain Times

September 8, 2020

We know that thinking about travel during uncertain times means more questions than answers. As the world slowly starts to open, know that we will be a resource for you regarding travel both in the short and long term.

We have shifted gears to create unique adventures closer to home for those clients who would prefer to stay in the US and still travel in 2020. We will continue to monitor state quarantine regulations and country border openings, including test requirements to enter some of those countries. See our links below for up-to-date openings of our top destinations.

Important to note that we have also done our best to negotiate flexible payment terms and deposits, where possible. Please know that if you do want to make a trip happen, be it last minute or well in advance, we can handle it.

For many of the destinations we work with, it’s not uncommon to plan trips 18 months in advance. We want you to feel comfortable planning the dream and knowing that we are here to help you understand how to best plan and protect your vacation investment.

For our clients who have credits on file from affected 2020 trips, please know that you are our priority as the borders of our beloved Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Cook Islands reopen. We can’t wait to help you fulfill those dream vacations and we are eternally grateful for your support and patience.

We hope you enjoy our new website and our enhanced brand image and hope it will serve as an inspiration to keep believing in the magic of travel!

Yours in adventure,

Roseann Iovine

Roseann Iovine