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COVID-19 Traveler Links and Resources

COVID-19 Traveler Links and Resources

August 19, 2021

Last Updated: May 19, 2022

For travelers who are choosing to travel for milestone events and special trips, we ask you to please do adequate research on the associated risks. By traveling, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and any other airborne viruses. While Outdoor Travel Adventures will do our best to provide you with up to date information, we cannot be liable if you become sick or contract COVID-19 during travel. Please be sure to also research the type of travel insurance that will cover you for cancellation or illness related to COVID-19.

We urge you to review the latest guidance from the CDC, the State Department travel advisories, as well as review the individual supplier’s websites to help you confidently make decisions regarding upcoming potential travel.

Please consider travel insurance and understand the risks associated with testing to come back to the US after traveling out of the country.

Here is a full list of things to consider and know:


  • Unexpected rescheduling could arise as a result of revised destination entry requirements, border closures, flight cancellations, COVID-19 illness, etc.
  • Trip Payments are typicallynon-refundable and will likely only be eligible for future trip credit if cancelled/changed, depending on the circumstances.
  • Trip Rescheduling, if necessary, will require flexibility of future travel dates. Seasonality and availability could dictate your options and your trip cost may change based on the timing of your rescheduled trip. Our agency will charge a $100 fee so your travel designer can dedicate the necessary time to your revised services and travel plan.


  • Flight schedule changes and cancellations occur more frequently these days and may require flexibility of dates/times of travel.
  • Airline services on board are limited and masks are required in-flight, due to strict government and airline policies.


  • Border Entry Requirements are specific and varied for each international destination and must be adhered to. Your travel designer will provide you with information and guidance, but each traveler is responsible for verifying requirements and presenting the proper documentation to the government, airline and border personnel. Note that the entry requirement process may begin several days, weeks or a month prior to departure and could change at any time.


  • Facilities and services may not be fully open/available at the destination and the status may change with little or no warning during travel as suppliers comply with their local government regulations. This includes hotel/resort cleaning service, restaurants, tours, spa treatments, use of resort supplies (beach towels, snorkeling gear), transportation, and ability to move freely and take scheduled tours. Changes to service availability will not result in reimbursement, unless a pre-paid experience is cancelled by the government or supplier.
  • On-site requirements, such as masks and distancing, are at the sole discretion of the destination or supplier. We will do our best to keep you up to date on current requirements but cannot guarantee we will always be notified in a timely manner by the destination.
  • Service Levels at hotels and resorts may not be what you are accustomed to, as many of them are operating at full capacity and/or with fewer staff than normal.


  • Quarantine in your destination prior to USA return is a risk, due to theCDC requirement to provide a negative COVID-19 test result before boarding your US-bound flight from an international destination. If you test positive, quarantine at the destination would be at personal expense (typically up to 10-14 days). Cost may be mitigated through travel insurance.
  • Travel insurance is an important consideration but will not cover all COVID-19 related situations. Talk to your travel designer for policy quotes and contact the travel insurance directly to discuss coverage scenarios and details.


  • The results of any trip are not guaranteed, but we do guarantee that your travel designer will work with you to maximize your chance of trip success. Our company has made a significant investment in embracing current protocols and policies for the destinations we service, but we ask for your acknowledgement and partnership in understanding that certain aspects of travel remain uncertain. Patience and flexibility from engagement of our services through your return home will be a key factor in your trip success.

What’s Open and Entry Requirements

Roseann Iovine

Roseann Iovine