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Tahiti Diving Adventure

Tahiti Diving Adventure

Tahiti Diving Adventure

Enjoy a dive adventure like no other in the world as you escape to the islands of Rangiroa and Tikehau in French Polynesia. Enjoy 4 nights in each location so you can soak up the true essence of what scuba diving and relaxation feels like in these pristine locations. A diver’s dream! Manta rays, sharks such as Great Hammer, Sea Turtles.

Itinerary & Adventure Highlights

Days 1-4: Rangiroa

Rangiroa is one of the largest coral atolls in the world, with a lagoon so large that the entire island of Tahiti could fit inside! From above, the 240 islets, or motus, resemble a delicate pearl necklace strung together around the massive lagoon. The name Rangiroa means “endless skies,” and you’ll feel the wide expanse from the moment you arrive.

Spend 4 nights at the Kia Ora. Kia Ora is nestled in the midst of a coconut plantation and, although just minutes from the tiny island airport, it feels as though you are in a hidden paradise. Dive amongst the abundant marine life, venture out to a remote beach, or simply relax in a hammock, you’ll find that this is a haven of peace and relaxation. Life at Kia Ora moves at a slower pace, and time is told by the rise and fall of the sun.

Days 5-7: Tikehau

This precious Atoll is a diver’s dream! Manta rays, sharks such as Great Hammer, Sea Turtles, barracuda, large red mullets, tiger sharks and more. Home to pink-sand beaches and coconut groves, this authentic Polynesian sanctuary awaits your visit.

Spend 4 nights a Le Tikehau in this unique unspoiled natural setting.  This boutique hotel has  just 37 suites and bungalows, a stunning infinity pool and a rejuvenating spa.

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