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Galápagos Luxury Yachts

Galápagos Luxury Yachts

“Beaches & Bays” – Southern & Central Route

The Galápagos Islands is one of the most unique, fascinating and pristine destinations on earth. For a truly immersive experience around this diverse and wonderful archipelago, we introduce you to the Origin & Theory luxury expedition yachts.

This is casual sophistication, with only 10 staterooms on each vessel boasting panoramic views and every modern comfort, and gourmet dining in renowned Relais & Chateaux style, featuring local, fresh, and healthy cuisine. An experienced crew and expert naturalist guides ensure that your time both on and off the ship is personal and enlightening.

Each day is carefully designed to showcase the incredible natural environment and amazing wildlife, while engaging in activities such as nature walks, hiking, snorkeling, kayaking and paddleboarding to further enhance the expedition.

A journey to the Galápagos will undoubtedly leave you in awe and wonder, and will endure as one of the most memorable journeys of your life!

Itinerary & Adventure Highlights

Day 1 (Sunday): Arrive Galápagos

Arrive into San Cristobal Island in the Galápagos, following a domestic flight from Quito or Guayaquil. You’ll receive a warm greeting before transferring to the vessel and settling in for an inaugural lunch and briefings. Before the vessel departs San Cristobal, you’ll visit El Junco (, the only freshwater lake in the Galápagos, nestled into the caldera of an extinct volcano. Upon returning to the yacht, enjoy a welcome cocktail and gathering with your fellow passengers, before indulging in a delectable multi-course meal.

Day 2 (Monday): San Cristobal Island

Your day begins with a zodiac ride to Cerro Brujo (Wizard Hill), your wildlife introduction on San Cristobal Island. You’ll see a variety of bird life, including the fascinating blue-footed boobies, brown pelicans, and brown noddy terns, as well as the colorful Sally lightfoot crabs scuttling about the rocks. Once the zodiac reaches the beach, you’ll have time to stroll along the beautiful stretch of coral sand, swim with the sea lions, practice your snorkel skills from the beachfront, or hop on paddleboard or kayak to explore the coastline.

If you’re up for a challenging hike at Punta Pitt this afternoon, you’ll be rewarded with the rare opportunity to view all three species of boobies – the blue-footed, the red-footed, and the Nazca – in one location. Frigates, swallow-tailed gulls, storm petrels, brown pelicans also frequent this area, it’s a birdwatching paradise! The waters off Pitt Rock are ideal for snorkeling with sea lions and brilliantly colored fish, before returning to the yacht for dinner and stargazing.

Day 3 (Tuesday): Española Island

This morning, disembark at Española (Hood) Island, for a fascinating walk toward the fantastic blow hole, viewing the waved albatross (engaging in their courtship dance between April and December), sunbathing marine iguanas, and the always entertaining Sally lightfoot crabs along the way. The bird life here is profuse, including Darwin’s Finches, Hood mockingbird, Galápagos Doves, red-billed tropicbirds, Galápagos Hawks, Nazca boobies and swallow-tailed gulls, the only nocturnal gull in the world.

After lunch and an Ecuadorian ceviche cooking demonstration, the ocean calls! You can choose to snorkel amongst the caves at Tortuga Rock, visit the sea lions on the beach at Gardner Bay, or head out on a kayak or paddleboard. If you’re still keen on birdwatching, keep an eye out for Darwin Finches, Espanola mockingbird and Galápagos hawks. After dinner, enjoy an enrichment lecture on marine currents and climate or Geology of the Islands.

Day 4 (Wednesday): Floreana Island

Welcome to Florana (Charles) Island! Disembark at Punta Cormorant, accompanied by the sound of sea lions, lava herons, yellow-crowned night herons and blue-footed boobies, and marvel at the olive-colored beach sand. A trail walk takes you to a brackish lagoon, where you’ll see Bahama ducks, common stilts, Galápagos flycatchers and bright pink flamingos, not to mention the rich flora of the area. Continue on to a sea turtle nesting beach, and snorkel at Devil’s Crown or Champion Islet, a shallow sunken crater where you’ll find sea turtles, white-tipped sharks, spotted eagle rays, sea stars, and brilliantly colored fish.

After lunch and some insight into the human history of the islands, you’ll visit Post Office Bay and participate in a creative postcard-mailing tradition at the historic 18th-centruy post barrel. An afternoon zodiac ride will take you to Baroness Point to snorkel with sea turtles, rays, and myriad fish, before returning to the yacht for dinner and an entertaining pirate-themed party.

Day 5 (Thursday): Santa Cruz Island

Awake this morning at the bustling Puerto Ayora at Santa Cruz Island. You’ll swap the zodiac for wheels today, as you head to the highlands, marveling at the lava tunnels en route. Your destination is a private ranch to see the iconic giant tortoises roaming free…a sight to behold!

You’re in for a fascinating afternoon at the Centro de Crianza Fausto Llerena and Charles Darwin Research Station, where you’ll learn about conservation, Charles Darwin, and the dearly departed tortoise Lonesome George, the last of his kind from Pinta Island. Another famous tortoise, Diego, successfully fathered hundreds of offspring to bring his species back from near extinction. You’ll have the remainder of the afternoon free to meander about the town, the perfect place for shopping, indulging in local delicacies, or just browsing the art galleries. You’re welcome to sty in town for dinner, or return to the yacht for yet another fantastic dining experience.

Day 6 (Friday): Bartolome Island

Today begins with a choice between land or sea! By land, you can opt for a challenging hike around the fascinating volcanic landscape of Bartolome Island, culminating with a stunning view of Pinnacle Rock. Alternatively, your sea option is a zodiac ride in search of the adorable Galápagos penguins, as well as an optional snorkel.

Your afternoon depends on your vessel, as each will disembark at a different location:

  • Sombrero Chino (Chinese Hat) is a tiny island near Santiago with sea lions, marine iguanas, and oystercatchers.
  • Playa las Bachas (Spanish for barges) on the northern side of Santa Cruz is ideal for snorkeling, after viewing the brilliant flamingos nearby.
  • Caleta Tortuga Negra (Black Turtle Cove) is ideal for a zodiac ride through coves and inlets, keeping watch for sea turtles and golden rays.

Tonight’s post-dinner enrichment lecture will focus on Charles Darwin and evolution or social and environmental projects that are supported by Ecoventura.

Day 7 (Saturday): South Plaza & North Seymour Island

Your day begins at South Plaza, a dramatic islet featuring a plethora of wildlife. As you walk the wonderful nature trail, you’ll see the protected “Opuntia” prickly pear cactus, as well as nesting birds such as swallow-tailed gulls, shearwaters, small ground finches, and red-billed tropicbirds. Bachelor sea lions and land iguanas also call this precious piece of land home.

After lunch, you’ll find yourself at North Seymour Island, where both Great and Magnificent frigatebirds display bright red sacs on their chests while in search of mates. For those wanting one last dip in the water, the deeper water here rewards snorkelers with sharks, sea lions, starfish, and tropical fish. A celebratory champagne toast with your captain and crew kicks off the farewell party, your final dinner, and a special presentation by your guides.

Day 8 (Sunday): Disembark at San Cristobal

Your Galápagos adventure comes to a close this morning, as you disembark after breakfast enjoy a visit to the Interpretation Center on San Cristobal, which focuses on the area’s human history. You’ll transfer back to the island airport for your return flight to mainland Ecuador, where you can connect with your onward flights, or continue your South American journey.

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