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Travel Planning Trends

Travel Planning Trends

May 12, 2022

Dust that passport off

Check your passport validity dates and be sure you have at least 6 months available past your travel date.

Book as far in advance as possible

Starting planning your summer 2023 vacation now. If a Christmas trip is on your agenda, we suggest trying to firm this up by June. Starting planning your summer 2023 vacation now. Those wanting quality experiences will win by planning early while there is still a good selection. Keep in mind we are still rebooking a back log of 2 years.

Watch for last minute changes to testing and entry requirements

Don’t get too comfortable with countries relaxing certain restrictions. It will likely yo-yo back and forth with little warning on changes, so stay flexible and ready to test as needed and keep up to date on vaccine requirements and timing.

Book your air as soon as you can

Air costs are on the rise and rising. Book early and understand the rules and restrictions if you may need to cancel and or change dates. Often times credits are given, not refunds, so choose airlines that you know you can use a future credit if needed. Also, many airlines are limiting the number of flights they operate on each route, so you might not have a lot of choices and of course that impacts availability and fares.

Hire a Pro

Work with a professional for a variety of reasons, but especially for how to prepare and plan in what will certainly still be unusual times for the next few years.

Have other questions? Call or email and we’ll be happy to help. We hope you’ll keep us in mind for your next adventure and will share our expertise with your friends and family.

Roseann Iovine

Roseann Iovine