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Testing, testing…

Testing, testing…

May 12, 2022

Testing has become part of a travel these days, and one test that has been tried and true for coming back to the US is the monitored test sold by eMed. Buy these in advance and plan to carry with you on your trip. eMed’s lab meets CDC COVID-19 testing requirements for entry and reentry into the U.S. You can order test here eMed Tests OTA

Here are a few helpful hints from our very own Travel Designer Sari Gartner who has traveled multiple times during the pandemic and has used the kits.

One of the most intimidating elements to testing for return to the US is having to use a foreign lab; using the eMed test takes away that anxiety.  In the safety of your hotel room, and in just ½ hour, you have your results when you want them.  You’re not having to transfer or taxi to a medical clinic on their schedule, not on yours…. It really saves the last day of your adventure!

Here are some of my tips based on my experiences using the tests in the last 2 years.

  1. Place your order at least 3 weeks ahead if possible, so you receive your kits well before departure.
  2. Check your destinations test rules. No one wants to have the perfectly planned trip and then be denied boarding your plane!!  Many countries won’t take self guided tests for entry. The best practice is to do your research ahead of time and understand exactly what your destination accepts.
  3. The hardest part of the process is holding the camera during your test and during the waiting period, 15 minutes to test and another 15 minutes waiting for your test results to come through!  Because this test is considered “guided,” the camera must remain on the test, laying flat on a table, during the full 15 minute waiting period.  I’ve been creative, setting my phone in a planter, holding it myself (sore shoulder), holding it for my husband (same sore shoulder), but the easiest solution appears to be having a web camera that you can easily clip to anything or prop anywhere that gets you the right angle.  I’ve also done the test using my Surface Laptop so that I could hook the propping device over the back of a chair or couch…works well!
  4. Always take a spare test.  The test must remain unopened until you’re ready to take it, and when you’re traveling the test kit can become damaged.  It’s a good idea to have a backup.
  5. Download the app at home, save the website for testing on your browser, and test your processes as much as possible prior to travel… it’s just easier to work out the kinks at home with good coverage!

Happy Testing!

Sari Gartner

Sari Gartner, Travel Designer