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A Look Inside An Exclusive VIP Airport Experience

A Look Inside An Exclusive VIP Airport Experience

March 23, 2021

Have you ever been sitting in the terminal, watching a luxury car zipping across the tarmac and wondered, “Who is that?”  Most commercial travelers aren’t aware of the luxury option at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) that absolutely puts other luxury options to shame. It’s called PS, a private terminal for commercial flights that will make your airport experiences a seamless and stress- free endeavor.  Wouldn’t you like to avoid the TSA lines?

Whether flying internationally or domestically, First or Business Class seems like the ultimate in luxury experiences, with that coveted access to the best airport lounges. But imagine having your own luxury suite right at LAX, reserved just for you and 3 other friends or family members.

With a luxurious living room, en suite bathroom, an outdoor lounge area, and a kitchenette, stocked with snacks and drinks for you to enjoy at your leisure (not to mention other amenities such as salon, spa, and entertainment offerings) your private suite has you covered! This year PS has kicked off an interior redesign in partnership with Cliff Fong, and a culinary partnership with renowned Los Angeles-based hospitality and lifestyle company, the h.wood group.  Menu items will feature fresh, ingredient-focused offerings. Food can also be delivered to your suite, I’ve even known of travelers who ordered In-n-Out just because they’d never tried it before, and this was their chance!  

Every suite is complimented by a carefully curated art installation programmed by Creative Art Partners. There are over 40 selected artworks on display in all the suites, common areas and TSA space from 25 dynamic contemporary artists, boasting a multi-six-figure assortment.

Your suite is available for the time leading into or between your next flights (available for 3 hours if you begin your travel in LA or for 6 hours if you have a connecting flight). 

PS is a private terminal, away from the public terminal that you would normally use.  This allows the property to offer clients seamless security, with TSA or customs clearance taking place at PS before or after your flight.  This is followed by direct access to your commercial flight via tarmac transfers outside the main terminal, avoiding the interior terminal completely.

If driving to the airport, you can go directly to the private terminal where the PS staff are waiting to meet you.   If connecting from another flight, you are met and driven by private BMW from your arrival flight to the private terminal, your luggage is collected from one airline and transferred to the next flight without you having to worry.

But for members that live in the Los Angeles area and want a truly elevated experience, PS can pick you up at the aircraft from a domestic commercial flight and take you straight home, helping with luggage and making your adventure absolutely seamless and best of all, luxury! This new service is called PS Direct and is available to members with up to four guests.

The booking process is easy; when you reserve your suite, PS collects your flight and passport information, already initiating the security process behind the scenes so that you don’t have to worry about it. 

For non-members, this elite service has a base cost of $4,350 for up to 4 travelers (effective as of March 15th), and an additional $800 per person cost for additional guests, but has been worth every penny to some travelers.  Especially with the challenges presented to travel during COVID, private options are becoming more and more popular, and there are very few totally private airport options out there.  PS makes sure that you completely avoid the crowds at LAX, and in the meantime, they provide you with an experience that puts your luxury travel over the top from the beginning! In fact, from PS to the aircraft, traveler and staff interaction has been reduced to no more than five (5) people – inclusive of PS team members and TSA or customs officials – to ensure health and safety measure are top priority.

With new airport locations on the horizon, I wouldn’t be surprised if this much demanded service doesn’t become the new standard in luxury travel.  

 As travel professionals looking to offer our clients the latest and most exclusive services, we are pleased to be able to offer PS for an elevated travel experience! As we plan for the border openings for long haul routes such as Tahiti, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand, we see this product as unique addition to our carefully curated experiences.

Sari Gartner

Sari Gartner, Travel Designer